The Benefits Of Cabin Camping

Eager to go camp, but can’t swing an RV? The benefits of cabin camping may be just for you then!

Sometimes the most challenging part of a vacation is planning and packing for all the activities you want to do while visiting a new place. While many people love to have the freedom of a tent or the reliability of an RV, Cabins can also provide an array of benefits that we think you should experience this summer! Below we have laid out some key reasons why we think you should choose a cabin rental this summer

Cabins Are An Excellent In-Between Accommodation

When traveling with different types of people, it can often be quite challenging to provide an ideal solution for all wants and needs of the group. Camping cabins are the perfect middle ground between upscale hotels and RV and tent sites. Cabins offer the security, privacy, and amenities you would find in a standard hotel room while also providing activities that you would typically find while camping or RV’ing, such as grilling, campfires, and ample access to the outdoors. 

Less Gear, More Space

We all know that the gear list can be endless for those used to packing for a weekend of camping or RV’ing in the outdoors. What can be even more challenging is finding a way to load your gear into your vehicle and then staying organized while on the road. Cabins are a great way to take the burden of carrying everything with you and provide ample space to spread out and relax. Cabins often have multiple bedrooms, full kitchens, refrigerators, TVs, grills, firepits, and much more, allowing you to leave all of your gear at home. Many people also find that leaving the heavy equipment at home helps increase their mileage per gallon. – Check out our 6 Easy Tips to Improve Your RV’s Gas Mileage to learn other ways to save money at the pump.

Security & Privacy

Many guests choose to stay in cabins because of the security and privacy that comes with it. We have all felt the anxiety of leaving your tent while going out on an excursion, or leaving your RV at a trailhead while spending hours in the wilderness. Cabins add an extra level of security, allowing you to leave your most expensive assets in a lockable secure space so that you can focus on making memories and exploring the area you are staying in.

Quiet & Calming

Cabins offer a level of quietness and relaxation you just can find from tent or RV camping. With thick walls, insulated roofs, and double pane windows, you no longer have to worry about other campers, generators, or the noise of animals.

Bad Weather Retreats

It is always challenging figuring out ways to have fun and enjoy your vacation when the weather isn’t ideal. Being stuck in a tent or cooped up in your RV can quickly get old and dampen the fun of a camping vacation. Luckily, cabins provide a perfect retreat for anyone to have their own space, play card games, build forts, watch tv, or simply snuggle up next to a fire and read on the couch. Cook your favorite homemade meal, listen to the rain on the roof, and let your worries drip away as you relax in your warm dry cabin.

Drop And Go

We all know that feeling that arrives when you pull into your destination on the first day of your trip. You want to drop everything, get out, and explore your destination. Cabins are ideal as there is very little to do when setting up or leaving camp. Gone are the days of spending hours to set up your tent trailer or RV. Simply drop your things and start your vacation. 

Ready to capitalize on the benefits of cabin camping? Waters Edge RV & Cabin Resort has multiple cabins perfect for any group looking to experience the joys of camping with a few added benefits. Please find out more by visiting our website.

or reaching out at 918-782-1444. We hope to see you soon! 

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The Benefits Of Cabin Camping

While many people love to have the freedom of a tent or the reliability of an RV, Cabins can also provide an array of benefits that we think you should experience this summer!

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